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Celtic & Ireland in Song and Story


Raymond Daly and Derek Warfield

For the first time in a detailed and comprehensive songbook surrounding key events in Ireland’s political, social and sporting history has been compiled.  The stories and issues impacted upon the recent Irish immigrant communities in Scotland, noticeably prevalent amongst the supporters of Celtic Football Club, are focused on in particular.  These historical songs and ballads have been used by the Irish people to defend and propagate the many related causes of Ireland.  They have been known to educate and inform, to bring knowledge and truth through literature and poetry.  Above all, the lyrics and tunes in Celtic & Ireland in song and story are far reaching, educational, and, of course, provide a great source of pleasure!

Available in hardback, paperback, and e-book!

These songs appear courtesy of Derek Warfield.  These, and other Celtic favorites, are available on CD, through the iTunes Music Store, and other retailers. You can also Visit Derek’s web site for more information.

Hail, Hail the Celts Are Here!

Celtic Crazy

Four Leaf Clover

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